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Why Choose Clancy
Control Systems?

  Unlimited programming
  Industrial grade components

Control Systems

A complete range of controllers for every venue —
from middle schools to major performing arts centers

When you’re looking for the best control system for your existing or new rigging equipment choose from the Clancy line of automated controls. With so many models available it's easy to find one that meets your technical, artistic, and budget needs.

SceneControl® 5600
Dual monitor viewing
with unlimited complex programming capabilities.
SceneControl® 5500
Superior versatility
with unlimited complex programming capabilities.
SceneControl® 5300
Dynamic, intuitive programming in a compact, user-friendly console.
SceneControl® 5200
Full functionality motion
control for smaller venues.
SceneControl® 5200P
Hand-held pendant controller
with unlimited programming.
SceneControl® 5100
Hand-held controller
with up to eight presets.
Push Button Controls
Custom and standard
control stations.

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