One World Trade Center

New York, New York

Project Description:

Known for their custom capabilities, J.R. Clancy was at the top of the list for Ballantyne Strong to contact when tasked with manufacturing a beacon at 1,740 feet above street level for One World Trade Center tower in Manhattan. J.R. Clancy developed a custom, motorized turntable for the beacon that had to withstand all New York City weather elements and be installed and accessed for repair at 1,700+ feet in the air. There is a special enamel paint treatment utilized for the parts that are not made of stainless steel and when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C) internal heaters turn on to keep the components at a reasonable temperature. To avoid condensation, the turntables are also equipped with heaters.


  • Custom Beacon Turntable



Additional Information:

Curbed New York