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Motorized curtains in places never before possible!

Do you need acoustical, theatrical, or divider curtains - but lack the space required for a tracking system? Now you can get exactly what you need with SureTrack, Clancy's newest motorized curtain system.

Our unique serpentine design stores curtains compactly in nearly any small space.

SureTrack is specifically designed to enable curtain storage in tight or oddly shaped spaces where standard tracking systems simply won't fit:

  • The serpentine design requires very little space, making it perfect for both retrofits and new construction
  • A dual link roller chain and solid steel components handle heavy curtains with ease
  • SceneControl® touch-screen programming gives you precise repeatable positioning of curtains for your acoustic and performance needs

To learn more about SureTrack, SceneControl or our other backstage solutions, contact us today!

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