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For End Users • November 1, 2011

Motorized Theatrical Rigging

From middle school auditoriums to grand opera houses there has been a shift to motorized theatrical rigging. There are many different types of theatrical hoists; and line shaft hoists are versatile, cost effective, general use hoists.

PowerLine™ hoists are a new generation of line shaft hoist, reducing costs, simplifying installation time and costs, while maintaining the sound engineering and reliability you expect from J. R. Clancy.

  • Loads up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Speeds up to 240 fpm
  • Simplified installation with quick connect clamps that don't require on-site welding
  • Reduced weight
  • No lateral loads, simplifying loading on the building structure
  • 3/16" or 1/4" lift lines to meet your requirements
  • A lighter backbone and improved frame design reduce equipment and installation costs
  • Transmission shafts and universal joints for flexibility, longevity, and increased safety

Configured to meet your specific requirements, and now, more affordable than ever!

For more information contact Patrick Finn

Limitless creativity for your performances.

Want the best possible rigging control system? Choose SceneControl® 500 and experience the ultimate in safety, ease of use, and programming capabilities.

3D graphics with intuitive touch-screen control.

Instead of a table of numbers, SceneControl shows an accurate 3D graphic of your rigging system. You'll immediately understand the status of all movements since it's presented in a clear, familiar manner.

Limitless programming capabilities.

SceneControl is designed for the performances of today - and the future!

  • Cues can be programmed in advance for seamless playback during performances. Execution of cues can also be manually adjusted at any moment to match the timing of a production.
  • Every hoist in a cue can have its own speed and target position, enabling exciting, dramatic movements.
  • Two independent cue streams and playback controllers make it simple to create complex, sophisticated effects.

Enhanced safety for your performers, crew, and audience.

SceneControl's flexible 3D views and user-friendly software make rigging movements safer than ever. What's more, SceneControl systems use only industrial-grade components - similar to those in elevator systems - rather than "office/commercial" PC-based components.

Ready to learn more? Download SceneControl 500, Control Systems and Automated Rigging.

For more information contact Eric McAfee.

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