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Safety Inspections & Funding

Make safety a priority with annual rigging inspections

Is your backstage equipment safe to operate? Are ropes frayed? If there were an emergency, would your fire safety curtain perform as it should? Rather than risk the safety of your performers, students, faculty, and audience, identify backstage hazards before an accident happens with an annual inspection of your theatre:

  • Ensure safety. An annual inspection can uncover faulty equipment and hazardous situations that could eventually develop into life-safety issues.
  • Reduce liability . Most states require annual inspections of your entire facility.
    In any case, make annual backstage inspections a standard procedure in your loss/accident prevention program.
  • Protect your investment. Theatrical equipment and replacements are expensive. Annual inspections can help identify problems early and minimize repair costs.

To learn more or schedule your inspection, call Anthony Seifritz at 1-800-836-1885 or email

Inspection funding for secondary schools

Clancy, USITT, and other sponsors have created a Rigging Safety Initiative
to promote safe theatrical environments for students nationwide at little or no cost
to the end user. The program includes a backstage inspection and up to 4 hours
of training. To learn more visit USITT or call Anthony Seifritz at 1-800-836-1885
or email

Safety Training Programs for staff and students

An annual inspection is just one component toward a safe entertainment facility.
In addition, staff and students should be taught “the ropes” by instructors
knowledgeable in the field of stage rigging and theatrical equipment. To learn
more about our safety training programs call Anthony Seifritz at 1-800-836-1885
or email



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