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SceneControl® 5500

SceneControl 5500


When you need motion control for a wide range of performances – from Broadway-style productions to complex music and dance concerts – the SceneControl® 5500 console turns your venue into a flexible, multipurpose performance space.

Imagine having the ability to program many different moving elements within a single cue, and running several complex cues at the same time. The SceneControl 5500 console makes all of this possible, using the reimagined control software that makes the SceneControl 5000 console family unique. Now you can program and save an entire season of rotating repertory or a recurring annual pageant, and still have plenty of hard drive space for one-week or one-night productions.

Key Benefits

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  • Run several cues simultaneously, even when they include groups
  • 10-inch master helm touch screen
  • A 24-inch, 1920 x 1080 monitor allow you to view more equipment in motion
  • Create motion profiles based on time or speed
  • 3D wireframe view of performers space and axes
  • 3D programming capability
  • Hard buttons for precise motion initiation
  • Hold-to-run function requires the operator to be at the controller when scenery is moving
  • Multi-level security for authorized use
  • Multi-Language capability
  • Network multiple SceneControl® consoles to allow several users to control specific stage elements


Model Description
064-SC5500-CNSL SceneControl® 5500 Console



Ordering Information

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