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SceneControl® 5200

SceneControl 5200
SceneControl 5200p

The SceneControl® 5200 console can serve as a main controller for small to mid-sized productions like high school and college musicals, dance concerts and music performers, and as a secondary controller for larger productions. It networks easily with other SceneControl® consoles, allowing operators to create a system that controls more than 24 axes by adding another controller for larger shows.

SceneControl® consoles provide programming for an unlimited number of cues, whether the production requires complex cues with many moving battens or synchronized groups of point hoists. The 10.1" graphic touch-screen display shows the operator the position of each batten and all of the targets, so you’re never in the dark about elements in motion.


  • Control up to 24 axes
  • Change the speed of an axis in motion
  • Start/stop an axis multiple times within a cue, or send to multiple targets
  • Create motion profiles based on time or speed
  • Emergency stop system can be upgraded to SIL3 rating
  • Illuminated STOP/GO hard-wired buttons
  • Hold-to-run function requires the operator to be at the controller when scenery is moving
  • Displays data in units of feet/inches, decimal feet, meter or as a percentage
  • Multi-Language capability supports English and two other languages

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Model Description
064-SC5200W SceneControl® 5200W, Wall Mount
064-SC5200W+* SceneControl® 5200W, Wall Mount
064-SC5200R SceneControl® 5200R, Rack Mount
064-SC5200R+* SceneControl® 5200R+, Rack Mount
064-SC5200P SceneControl® 5200P, Hand-Held Pendant
*Optional panel with macros & joystick available
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