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SceneControl® 5300

SceneControl 5300

Create exciting scene changes and dramatic visual affects with the SceneControl® 5300 console, a compact, feature-packed motion controller with capabilities that will delight audiences. The mid-level controller in the SceneControl® 5000 family, the SceneControl® 5300 console can control stage machinery, automated rigging, turntables, wagons, and more in a venue of any size.

No matter how many scene changes and effects a show requires, the SceneControl® 5300 console takes on the challenge. There’s no limit to the number of cues per show, or the number of shows you can create. With 48 different axes (channels), operators have plenty of capacity for complex moves onstage, even when several moves take place at the same time. Operators can keep a close eye on everything in motion using the 3D wireframe view of the performer space and axes.


  • Run several cues simultaneously, even when they include groups
  • Get fast access to every cue using the 15.6-inch touch screen
  • Create motion profiles based on time or speed
  • Hard buttons for precise motion initiation
  • Hold-to-run function requires the operator to be at the controller when scenery is moving
  • Multi-level security for authorized use
  • Multi-Language capability supports English and two other languages
  • Network multiple SceneControl® consoles to allow several users to control specific stage elements

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064-SC5300-CNSL SceneControl® 5300 Console
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