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SureStop™ Head Block

SureStop Head Block

Manual rigging holds heavy loads over people’s heads, so no amount of safety precautions can be too much. That’s why J.R. Clancy offers the SureStop™ Head Block, to help you keep your actors, rigging operators, and crew members safe onstage or backstage if a load gets dangerously out of balance.

Even the most experienced operators can misjudge the weight of a load on a batten or arbor. If the arbor begins to move too quickly in either direction, SureStop™ Head Block senses the speed mechanically, and engages a brake. All movement comes to a stop, keeping both the arbor and the batten from falling. This significantly reduces the possibility of accident or injury.

The SureStop™ block slows down in a controlled manner, stopping within ten feet of the point at which the block engages the brake. There’s no recoil or shock to the load, so there’s no damage to the arbor, batten, ropes, or scenery. Once the overload situation is cleared and the rope reverses direction, the brake releases automatically… and the show goes on.


  • Mechanical, speed-sensing brake automatically engages
    to control run-away situations
  • Brake releases spontaneously when overload situation is cleared
    and direction is reversed
  • Maximum set capacity: 3,000 lbs.
  • Fits 8-inch centers
  • Upright or underhung mounting to fit any theatre
  • Customizable – call us with your challenging specification

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Model Description
100-81255N25S1 SureStop™ Head Block, Upright, 75 RPM Trip Speed
100-81255N25S2 SureStop™ Head Block, Upright, 125 RPM Trip Speed
100-81259N25S1 SureStop™ Head Block, Underhung, 75 RPM Trip Speed
100-81259N25S2 SureStop™ Head Block, Underhung, 125 RPM Trip Speed
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