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The VARION™ Versatility Hoist

The VARION Versatility Hoist

With batten lengths up to 45 feet and as much as 50 feet of travel, the VARION™ hoist delivers a gross lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds. This new zero-fleet hoist has five lift lines, is adjustable on the back bone and features steel guides so there’s no danger of cables crossing the groove. The hoist can be underhung or sit on top of grid – whatever works best for your needs in your theatre. Equally important, this affordable hoist gives you the flexibility you need at a price point your budget can handle.

The VARION™ Versatility Hoist can be mounted on any existing infrastructure, including a building’s bar joist, without causing horizontal stresses on the structure. Use it for electrics, curtains, drops, or front-of-house stage lighting or speakers. Compact, the hoist’s motor can fit at almost any point on VARION’s robust backbone. Loft blocks can be mounted almost anywhere on the beam, so they can fit around specific objects or be placed to coincide with openings. Even maintenance is easy: The hoist’s open design provides ready access, allowing technicians to maintain and inspect the hoist.


  • Travel: Up to 50'
  • Batten Length: Up to 45'
  • Live load: 1,350 lbs. without plug-in strip, 1,000 lbs with plug-in strip.
  • Gross load: 1,500 lbs.
  • Lift lines: 5, Adjustable on back bone
  • Speed: 15 fpm
  • Wire rope diameter: 3/16"
  • Safety features: Hoist overload detection and over speed brake
  • Options include:
  • Encoder
  • Cable management system
    • Cable management: flat fold
    • Data available for DMX or Ethernet protocol
    • Light circuits: Up to 36 (configuration dependent)

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Ordering Information

Model Description
018-1718 VARION™ Versatility Hoist 1,500 lb., 15 fpm
VARION Hoist Motor Assembly Configurations
018-1718-2-FE VARION™ Hoist 208V, Beam mounted SceneControl® starter with encoder
018-1718-2-J VARION™ Hoist 208V, Beam mounted junction box
018-1718-2-JE VARION™ Hoist 208V, Beam mounted junction box with encoder
018-1718-2-P VARION™ Hoist, 208V, Beam mounted pushbutton starter
018-1718-4-FE VARION™ Hoist 480V, Beam mounted SceneControl® starter with encoder
018-1718-4-J VARION™ Hoist 480V, Beam mounted junction box
018-1718-4-JE VARION™ Hoist 480V, Beam mounted junction box with encoder
018-1718-4-P VARION™ Hoist 480V, Beam mounted pushbutton starter
VARION Hoist Accessories
118-1732 Single Line Loft Block
118-1731 Multiline Loft Block
088-1766 Backbone (Beam) 20’ Section
118-1790 Splice
118-1762 Beam Clamp
118-1795 Parallel Beam Adapter
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